The Best Burger Press In 2021 [UPDATED]

If you like making your own burgers, a burger press is a must have gadget for your kitchen. In this guide I am going to share with you what you should look for, as well as providing a list of the 7 best burger press.

I love a good burger and chips, the very best tasting burgers are homemade ones. Not only do they tend to be cheaper than store bought, they can also be healthier if you use lean meat. One of the best reasons to make your own is that you can experiment with flavours. 

One of the biggest problems I used to find when making burgers was getting them to either keep their shape or be the same size all the way round. 

This was until I purchased a burger press…

I found my burgers retained the shape as well as how consistent the size of them was. By using a burger press, I was also able to add more ingredients into them which really helped to bring out the flavour. 

Trust me, by using one of the burger presses in the list above you will be shocked at how good your burgers are. These presses are also very simple to use and there are plenty of choices when it comes to the right one. 

Its one of those kitchen gadgets that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on. They are very affordable, with most being below £15. It can be confusing on which one to get, as like I said there are many different ones. To try and help, below I have done a detailed review to help you find the best burger press for you.

It’s also incredibly easy to make!

It is possible to make it without a yogurt maker, but why would you want to as it’s just easier and quicker to use a machine. Whether you are looking to make regular or greek yogurt, a maker will do it for you. 

Below I have included a quick guide to help you find the right one for you and your needs, as well as sharing with which ones I feel are the best yogurt makers. Many of these will also come with starter guides and recipes to help you get set up quickly.

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Best Burger Presses 2021 - Detailed Reviews

Weston Burger Press Maker

We have put the Weston model at the top of our best list for some very good reasons, you would be hard to find a press that could be any better. First of all it is made from a high quality non-stick aluminium, which is very well known for its durability.

With it you can make burgers that are 4 ½ inches in diameter and can actually be easily adjusted to change the thickness. You can make burgers that have a thickness of up to 1 ½ inches, this doesn’t require any additional parts.

Unique to the Weston Burger Press, it has a spring plunger and this is designed to help you to remove the burger once it has been pressed. It would still be recommended to use grease sheets on the top and bottom, this will help remove them but also prevent bits of meat from getting in hard to clean places.

It is a very sturdy tool but the base is also pre-drilled incase you wanted to screw it to your work surface. The biggest downfall is that it is not dishwasher safe and you do need to disassemble it to give it a proper clean, however this is not that hard to do.

What We Like

What We Don't Like

GWHOLE is simple but effective, which is why it is one of the best burger presses. It uses a food grade, durable aluminium which is also non-stick. Since it is made from aluminum, you can apply heat to it and it wont get damaged. 

This means you can place it directly on your grill so you can apply additional pressure to the burger whilst it’s being grilled. The handle is made from plastic, so you can comfortably hold it overheat without the risk of burning yourself.

One of the things I really like is that this press also comes with 100 wax papers. These are very useful as they allow you to line the press to help release the burger. They can also be used in between burgers if you are wanting to stack them.

This press is also dishwasher safe, however it is incredibly easy to simply hand wash. Very simple but one of the best on the market.

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If you have done any kind of BBQ, you are going to know who Weber are. Since they specialize in BBQ’s and tools for BBQ, you know they are going to know a thing or two about what it takes to make a good burger.

This press comes with a nice non-slip handle that has been designed to be ergonomic, which means it will fit comfortably in your hand. One of the key features is that you can decide on what burger size you want to make, whether it’s a quarter pounder or half-pound burger.

With the Weber Burger Press, you will find that you will get uniform burgers every time. This is because the press makes a little dimple in the burger. When you grill burgers, they will rise in the middle, which makes them differ in size. With this dimple that is made it will counteract that.

Simple to use and also very simple to clean, as you simply detach the handle which makes cleaning and drying very easy. An excellent press, which is why its made it to the top 3 in this list of best burger presses.

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Cuisinart Stuffed 4-in-1 Burger Press

If you have been looking at kitchen tools and gadgets in the past, you will have come across Cuisinart before. They are known for creating excellent kitchen equipment and this burger press is no different. 

This press is a 4 in 1 burger maker, which means no matter what size you want to make you will be able to. You can make impressive restaurant style sliders that are 4 inches, stuffed burgers or ½ pounder burgers, all with just this one burger press. 

It’s made from top-quality materials that are also non-stick, so it should last you for many years. For that added extra it is also dishwasher safe, making it very easy to keep clean after use. 

The main downside is the price, as it is one of the more expensive. It does however do everything you could possibly need out of a burger maker.

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What We Don't Like

KitchenCraft is another brand that is well-known for creating good quality kitchenware, this burger press is no different. This press is a little different when compared to the others as it is made completely out of plastic, it is this that does make it a little cheaper than the others. 

I wouldn’t let the fact that it is plastic put you off, as it still makes very good burgers and helps to uniform the shape. It features a nice push button at the top that once pressed, allows you to push the burger out of the press. 

It does also come with 100 wax paper, however there have been some complaints that they are not very good. I personally prefer the metal presses but a very good option if you are just getting started in making homemade burgers.

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What We Don't Like

This is one of the cheaper presses within our list of best burger presses, it is incredible value for what you get. It is a 3-in-1 set, which basically means you can make small sliders, stuffed and normal burgers with this burger maker. 

You simply pick the small or large base, depending on if you want to create sliders or a normal sized burger. After you have filled it, you can pick if you want the large press or the indent press that causes a gap for you to add stuffing into the burger. I also like the fact that you can get a press that gives the grill lines, helping you to create a nice chargrilled effect.

It also comes with 60 wax papers to help you stack your burgers. Overall this set is great value and perfect for anyone that wants to make sliders, normal burgers and try their hand at stuffed burgers and wants to do it with ease.

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The Belmalia is another burger press in our best list which is low cost and incredibly simple in design. Even though it is simple, it does exactly what it is supposed to. It’s a no frills burger maker that will give you uniform burgers, each and every time.

Its made from aluminum, so it’s lightweight but also very durable so it should last you many years. It comes with 100 wax papers to help you stack the finished burgers but also to help you remove them from the press. 

The handle is comfortable and can be easily removed, whilst the rest of the maker is dishwasher safe. Overall a very good press, that will give you the results you are looking for.

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Burger Press Buyers Guide - What to look for?

When looking for a burger press, you might want to consider a few things first. These will help make sure you find a burger maker that is what you are looking for.

What Material is It Made From

There are a couple of different materials to choose from when looking for a burger press. You can get them in either metal or plastic, both are reliable however for durability I would recommend going for metal. 

The one thing I would recommend checking is that it is made from a non-stick material, this will make it much easier to remove the burger when pressed. If its not non-stick, you could find the burger sticking to the press.

Number Of Burgers

Most of the common presses will make 1 burger, which will suit most people. You can however get them that will press 2 burgers at the same time. This is useful if you are working in a commercial kitchen or you are planning on making a lot of burgers, perfect for a BBQ party.

Burger Size

Have a think about the sized burgers you want to make, as you can get different sized burger presses. All of them will make the standard size of 4 inches, however if you want larger then you might need to look for a bigger press. You can get ones that can press a range of different sizes.

Ease Of Cleaning

The one thing that puts me off using any kind of kitchen equipment or tool, is how hard they are to clean. If it’s a nightmare to clean, I just won’t use it again. Since a burger press is pressing raw meat, its even more important that it can be cleaned properly. I’d therefore get one that is easy to clean, I normally look for one that is dishwasher safe.


It might be worth looking to see if they have some form of warranty, not because the burger presses are expensive but it does give you confidence that it is good quality. You see if a company offers a lifetime warranty, they normally know that its built to a high standard and is therefore very durable.

How To Use A Burger Press - Step By Step

As already mentioned a burger press will make it so much easier for you to make your homemade burgers. They will help you make them uniform, which means they will cook evenly. Not only that it will help them bind together better, reducing the chance of them breaking apart as you are grilling them. 

Below is a step by step guide on how to use a Burger Press, including how to make stuffed burgers. 

  1. Once you have your burger mixture, you want to divide this up into balls to create your burgers.
  2. Place the meat onto the bottom part of the burger press and flatten with you hand a little to spread
  3. With the top press part, push this onto the burger and push down. 
  4. Release the pressure and remove the top part of the press
  5. If the burger press has a removable base push this up and take off the burger. Many also use grease paper to easily remove the burger from the press.

    NOTE: For stuffed burgers, divide your individual burger mix into 2. Press the first piece. Either manually add a slight dent in the middle of the pressed burger or use the inner part of the press (if it has one).

    Place the stuffed ingredients such as cooked onion or cheese.

    Add the remaining part of burger mixture and press with the burger press until fully sealed.

  6. Grill on your oven top or on a BBQ
  7. Enjoy your own homemade tasty burger!


I really hope that this guide has been useful and hopefully answered many of your questions and queries. I love a good burger and I have always been happy with the burgers I have made, although using a burger press really did take them to the next level. It is now my go to tool whenever planning a BBQ or Burger night. 

There are so many different choices when it comes to burger makers, I do hope this list of the best burger press has helped. I personally use GWHOLE one and have had no complaints, I have tried to keep the information as factual and impartial as possible to help you find the one that is best for you. 

There is nothing nicer than homemade burgers, happy grilling!