Best Meat Mincer in 2021 [UPDATED]

A good quality Meat Mincer is a must have kitchen equipment, perfect for helping you to mince meat so you can make your own burgers, meatballs, sausages, etc. This article is going to show you what to look for as well as how to find the best meat mincer.

Meat Mincer Reviews

Luvele Electric Meat Mincer

Our number 1 Best Meat Mincer is the electric one from Luvele. It features an impressive 1800w motor, with 3 cutting modes, one of which allows you to put it in reverse. The motor itself is very quiet and as it’s made out of metal, it remains very cool even when running for a while.

It features a number of accessories including stainless steel cutting pleats and 3 different nozzles for making sausages. One thing I really like is that the feet are non-slip, so it will be very sturdy on your kitchen worktop.

Kenwood Meat Mincer

If you are looking to make your own sausages or even mince your own meat, this one is one of the best home meat mincers. It comes with 3 stainless steel blades that can be changed, these determine the degree of mincing from coarse to fine.

The motor is 1600w, so not as good as our number one spot but still just as effective. This motor will manage meats such as beef, lamb, chicken and pork. 

Andrew James Meat Grinder

One of the most low powered meat miners, however it is enough for you to be able to make some pretty decent burgers or sausages. It comes with 3 blades for different cutting modes and is actually pretty easy to use.

This meat grinder is perfect for those that only need a little meat mincing, its easy to use and very simple to clean. It’s a nice compact mincer, so it doesn’t take up too much space on your kitchen worktop.

Nestling Electric Meat Mincer

Nestling has produced a very good electric meat grinder, in fact it is one of the best meat mincers. It has one of the strongest motors at an impressive 2800w, which means even the toughest joints of meat will be a piece of cake for this grinder.

It features again 3 blades to help ensure different textures when mincing your meat. One thing I do really like is just how easy it is to clean and reuse again.

KitchenCraft Meat Mincer

The Kitchen Craft Meat Mincer is great if you are looking for an environmentally friendly mincer for your meat. This is the only manual meat grinder in our list, hence why it doesn’t have any power statistics. It is also made from high quality plastic, so it will get warm when in use. Although the blades are made from stainless steal, so they should last a while

What Is A Meat Mincer?

Have you ever wanted to make your own burgers, meatballs or sausages? If so, you need to get yourself a meat mincer. Mincing meat manually with a knife is not only a tiresome process, it’s also very messy and it takes some skill to be able to mince it evenly. It’s important to make sure it is even as different sizes will cook through at different times. 

With a meat mincer, you simply drop your cuts of meat into it and out it comes minced. Depending on which grinder you get, you can use all kinds of things in them now from different types of joints and even frozen meats. 

A few years ago these meat grinders were just for meat, however some also come with different attachments so you can chop vegetables. Its worth noting that you should always make sure they are fully clean after mincing meat, before using it for vegetables.

Meat Mincer Buyers Guide

There are a number of different meat mincers on the market and you dont want to be wasting your money on a device that is just not powerful enough, or made from poor quality materials so it just doesn’t last. 

In this section below, you will find a buyer’s guide. This guide will help highlight what you should look out for when buying a meat grinder. 

Manual Vs Automatic

You can get meat mincers that have a handle on them and you turn this to mince the meat, these are less expensive and are more often than not smaller. As mentioned they are manual so if you do plan to grind a decent amount of meat, you might want to consider an electric model.

Cutting Modes

A good quality electric meat mincer will have different cutting modes, all will have the typical on and off function but some of the best have a reverse function. This basically allows you to reverse the meat back through if it does get stuck, useful for when mincing big chunks of meat.

Generally the different modes will help you dice the meat to different thicknesses. Always start with the largest mincing settings and then go smaller. Do not go for the smallest mince setting, as this will overwork the machine and could cause it to break.

Metal Vs Plastic

As you use your mincer, you will notice that it can start to get warm. This is because of the motor and the blades spinning very quickly, even more so if you are doing big batches. Metal parts do stay cooler for longer than plastic parts, in fact its often recommended to refrigerate or freeze the metal parts first as this will keep them cooler longer. 

Plastic will not retain the heat, so if you do have a plastic meat mincer you will need to mince your meat in batches. After-all you do not want your raw meat to be getting warm.


It is important to look at the power, this is determined by the size of the motor. The power is going to determine what it is going to be able to mince. Now more often than not, every mincer will be strong enough to grind meats such as pork loin, lean beef, chicken breast, etc.

If you are looking to mince tougher cuts of meat like braising steak, you are going to want one with a bit more power. Its also worth considering getting a higher powered meat mincer anyway, as this will help your grinder last longer.

Ease Of Cleaning

Your meat mincer is going to be mincing and grinding raw meat, so on and hygiene level you need to make sure that it is as easy to clean as possible. You want one that doesnt have small parts or too many areas that bits of meat could get stuck or even lost. If it is easy to take a part, then this will make it much easier to clean. 

Its not just about hygiene though, if you don’t fully clean the machine out then you could jam up and cause the motor to overheat.


I would always recommend looking for a meat mincer that comes as part of a kit, that basically has a number of different accessories to allow you to mince the meat for different uses. Whether that is for making sausages, or meat for a ragu. The more attachments it does have, the more things you will be able to make with it.


I really hope this article on the best meat mincer has helped your pick a choice, or atleast give you a good understanding as to what to look for. If you do have any questions please do post them on the comments section below.